Feb 15

Premix OY (Premix) – Finland

Premix Oy is a family owned company established in 1980 specializing in formulation and production of functional plastic materials. Premix is a European market leader and global forerunner in both electrically conductive and high frequency plastics. At Premix our aim is to create a safe and ultra-connected society with functional plastics and are dedicated to a strong growth strategy. Our tailored material solutions control static electricity and enable fast wireless data transfer in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, healthcare and telecom. Premix’s 37 M€ sales revenue is generated by 100 employees and a global distributor network. Our electrically conductive plastics are key materials in in vitro diagnostics ensuring precise measurement. They ensure safety in ATEX environments and protect sensitive components from breakages caused by uncontrolled electrostatic discharge. Our low loss PREPERM® material is used for example in car radars to gain the extra second that can save lives. This is how we help to create a safe society, to name a few of our solutions.

Main tasks in the project

Premix provides RF materials for radomes and lens in WP3 and WP5. The project work includes material compound development, material measurements in D-band and radome and lens prototyping and manufacturing.