Nov 09

DRAGON results published in JSSC

Dragon researchers published a journal article in the IEEE Journal of solid State Circuits (JSSC). The paper, which extends a previous publication of DRAGON at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference, presents a novel circuit concept to implement silicon oscillators with ultra-low phase noise, as required by high-performance wireless transceivers in the telecom infrastructure. Leveraging the series-resonance of an inductance-capacitance tank, phse noise as low as -138dBc/Hz @1MHz offset from 10GHz is achieved, which corresponds to 10dB n advance in the state of the art of at 10dB. s the chipset of a 16-element 140-160-GHz phased array transceiver.

The paper is available for download in the “Results” page of this website and on IEEEXPLORE:

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