Feb 15

CEA Leti – France

CEA-LETI, one of the divisions of the CEATech, is the largest French research and technology organization specialized in micro- and nanotechnologies. Dedicated to creating value and innovation for transfer to its industrial partners, CEA-Leti’s 1,700 researchers strive to make society smarter, healthier, more sustainable and more secure. The scientific excellence and multidisciplinary expertise of its personnel are the foundation of Leti’s offer to industry: CEA-Leti puts a strong emphasis on intellectual property and owns more than 1,500 patent families Areas of research include PHY and MAC-layer design for cellular (4G, 5G) and Internet of Things systems.
A strong focus is put on HW implementability of these new algorithms, and on prototyping. CEA-LETI has participated in a number of EU projects: FP7 MiWaves, and H2020: mmMAGIC on mmetric radio links, FANTASTIC5G and FLEX5GWARE on enhanced techniques for 5G, SPEED 5G on better exploitation of heterogeneous wireless technologies. HIGHTS on advanced, highly-accurate positioning technologies for C-ITS, via the combined use of GNSS, on board sensors and infrastructure-based wireless communication technologies, 5GChampion on 5G deployment. Current projects include H2020 CLEAR 5G (on Industrial IoT), 5G MONARCH on 5G architecture, 5G MiEDGE combining mmWave radio technology and mobile edge cloud, 5G CARMEN on 5G digital corridors, ECSEL SECREDAS on security/safety for automotive.

Main tasks in the project

Besides contributions on scenarios, architecture specifications and demonstrator definition in WP1, CEALETI will mainly contribute in WP4 on the design and implementation of the beam management unit. This work covers the analysis of the phased array capabilities, the design of a beam alignment algorithm, the implementation and integration of this block in the baseband. In addition, CEA-LETI will work in WP5 by contributing to the testbed integration. Finally, CEA-LETI will promote the project results through papers in selected conferences and journals and communication in relevant workshops in WP7.