Feb 15

GreenWaves srl – Italy

GreenWaves is a high-tech SME design house specialised in the development of microwave radio systems for telecom applications. GreenWaves is composed of 12 engineers and most of team members are Principal and Senior Engineers coming from former Nokia Siemens Microwave R&D labs, with outstanding skills in RF / Digital Communications Design and special focus on Millimeter Waves.

Main areas of competence of GreenWaves are:

  • Advanced design techniques for microwave, RF and baseband parts of telecommunication systems
  • Proficiency in RF simulation with different tools (HFSS, ADS and others)
  • Expertise in complex PCB designs and customized PCB stack-up structures based on different materials
  • Deep know-how of mmW components and devices available on the market

Most important services offered by GreenWaves are

  • HW/FW Design and Realization of RF Transceivers for Microwave Backhauling and Mobile Applications
  • Design and realization of antenna arrays with beamforming solutions for Industrial Radars and 5G applications (24/28/60/70/80 GHz)
  • HW Design and Realization of RF High Power Amplifiers for LTE base stations, Avionic Radars 5G and Mobile backhaul use cases (24/28/60/70/80GHz)
  • realization and validation of prototypes
  • System architecture studies for telecom equipment and sub-systems

GreenWaves has realized many innovative products (i.e. Transceivers 60-70-80GHz) exposed in Barcelona MW Mobile Congress in 2016-17-18-19 on behalf of the most important telecommunication global players. Currently GreenWaves is working on different projects at 28GHz with beam steering and antenna arrays for the new 5G market which will be shown in 2020 MW Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

Main tasks in the project

GreenWaves is a WP leader of “WP5 Subsystem Validation and Integration platform”.

Main tasks to be executed in the project are:

  • design of enclosure compatible with outdoor environment
  • internal arrangement of different submodules inside D-band transceiver
  • thermal design
  • design and setup of test bench
  • lab testing of transceivers
  • preparation of test reports / release notes and delivery of transceivers to Field Trials

GreenWaves interacts and contribute in WP2 – WP3 – WP4 in the integration phase and collaborates with WP6 in order to provide technical support – when needed – during the Field Trials.