Feb 15

HCL Technologies spa – Italy

HCL TECHNOLOGIES Italy SpA is a private Italian company, established in 2014 and 100% owned by HCL Technologies UK Limited. HCL is active in three areas: Design, Development, Production and Sales of HW and SW (including SW licenses) dedicated to information technology and telecommunication (in particular microwave and millimetre-wave radio-link technology; Engineering Services, including Research and Development, for HW and SW development; Information Technology services, including cloud-computing, network and data-base management, customer’s server management, etc. In addition to the main office established in Milano – Vimodrone, since 2016. HCL is operating also by a secondary office based in Roma. HCL has a staff of 360+ and a net capital of 2.84 M€. HCL has been formed through the acquisition of a R&D branch of Ericsson Telecomunicazioni – dedicated to the research and development of microwave and millimetre-wave radio-links in 2014, the acquisition of a branch of IBM Italia in 2016 and other minor acquisitions in the following years.

Since 1998 the team based in Milano–Vimodrone (about 100 engineers in total) has been active in driving technology leadership in the area of microwave and millimetre-wave data transmission for Mobile Backhaul. First, as part of Ericsson, for example demonstrating XPIC up to 40GHz on unsynchronized radio pairs in 2005 Mobile World Congress or the world first Line-of-sight MIMO delivering 1 Gbps in 28MHz and 5 Gbps in E-Band at MWC-2011. From 2014, as part of HCL Technologies, the department as developed a portfolio of embedded SoC families, covering Microwave, Millimetre-wave and Multi-bands operations. The department provides world-first records as the increased spectral efficiency achieved by a 16KQAM at MWC-2018 and dual carrier – microwave and E-band – embedded in a single FPGA chip demonstrated at MWC-2019, providing at the same time high capacity over 1GHz channel at 80GHz and high reliability over a secure microwave link, bonded together.

Main tasks in the project

HCL acts as the package-leader of WP4 “BaseBand, Modem Core & Phase Array Management”. HCL main contribution is executed in WP4 in which HCL, further than being WP leader, is the main contributor for the design of the high-capacity base-band and embedded SoC dual-modem core with Integrated XPIC ready for Los-MIMO and/or FD Canceller and 25Gbps Network Interface. HCL contributes also in WP1 with requirement and interworking specifications, WP5 contributing to the assembling and testing, WP6 supporting Field demonstration, WP7 with dissemination and exploitation results of the project and of course WP8 – Project Management.