Apr 05

Talk at the EuCNC & 6G Summit “Beam Alignment Strategy Under Hardware Constraints for D-Band Communications”


A talk with results of the DRAGON project, titled “Beam Alignment Strategy Under Hardware Constraints for D-Band Communications” by Johan Laurent, Nicolas Cassiau, Loïc Marnat, David del Rio, Juan Francisco Sevillano, Alessandro D’Acierno, Maurizio Moretto, Iván Caballero, Stefano Chinnici and Fabrizio Ronchi will be given at 2022 (European Conference on Networks and Communications) EuCNC & 6G Summit. The conference will be held in Grenoble, France, from 7th-10th June 2022.

The Abstract of the talk is the following: This paper describes the antenna beam alignment strategy of a D-band backhaul link adopted in the DRAGON project. The aim is to continuously compensate for antenna vibrations. This strategy is based on a periodic assessment of beams stored in a codebook, and can be implemented independently in both ends of the link. Hardware requirements coming from the envisioned architecture of the whole transceiver are taken into consideration. In particular, communications among the different involved boards restrict the periodicity at which the beams of the codebook can be assessed. The design of the codebook and the algorithm for beams selection are also discussed. Simulations based on a software specifically developed demonstrate that the solution meets the tracking specifications for an D-band link associated to realistic antenna movements.


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